Privacy and Personal Data Security

Registration and processing of data records only the personal data necessary for the use of the online store, for the purpose of billing, and is committed to privacy if security processing thereof, as well as the maintenance of personal data of each client.

Personal data may be processed and sent to our partners with the same objective of billing and use of services provided by customers when they make the purchase of products that are available in this store by partners

We will never provide data, to third parties who are not partners in the online store or whose purpose is different from the billing.


Payment and Procurement Data
The information relating to purchases made in is only available to employees, the data relating to payments, when processed by the company are protected and will not be disclosed, when processed by third parties are the responsibility of those entities.

Right of Correction and Removal

The customer has the right to modify, correct or remove your data from our system, and only the data recorded in billing documents already issued is closed to any change for legal reasons.