Shipping by CTT e DHL

The shipment, through DHL or CTT, is only made after the item payment and has an additional shipping cost, according to the weight and size of the product.

The items are properly packed.

The technical assistance of bicycles can be on any Véli dealer, but for warranty purposes, should contact us first.


Warranty conditions are in the instruction manual attached to the bike. (or download it here)
5 years warranty for the following situations:
-Frame fracture and deformation, since not caused by shock or overloads

2 years warranty
-wheel deformed when unpacking.
-Broken gears when unpacking.
-Broken brake system when unpacking
-Crankset: deformation of the cranks (crank and chainring) 
-Saddle / Seatpost: structure rupture. Rupture / deformation / fracture of the seatpost.
-Handlebar / Spigot: breakage / fracture / deformation, since not caused by shock or overload.
All other situations are not covered by the warranty.
To activate the warranty should contact us via the site form